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Moscow, Idaho

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A Commitment to Excellence About Our Team

EcoWater Systems has been in the residential water softening and purification business since 1925 and is the largest company of it's kind. The EcoWater line of products and their warranties are the best in the business and the level of service from our EcoWater team is second to none. EcoWater Systems came to Moscow in 1995 and the dealership was purchased by Brian Todd in 2004. Brian committed himself to providing that same level of service to Moscow and the Pacific Northwest. In 2016 long-time team-members Estevan Mendoza, Linda Quiring, and Mike Bedard bought the company, and committed themselves to continuing to provide the top-notch Ecowater service to an ever-increasing number of customers

With an Ecowater system in your home, you will learn to love your water again. From the first cup of tea or coffee you make with your newly treated and purified water, you'll never look back